I’m Step Aument. I’m a husband, a dad, a software developer, a technical leader, and the creator of Tactical Refactoring. I’ve recently joined the engineering team at Bloomreach, where I’m diving back into code, hands-on after a few years of management roles. Most recently, I was CTO at ReadyRosie where, where I was instrumental in transforming the technology team, platform, engineering, and product development practices, resulting in a successful acquisition.

I’ve been a software developer and manager (web and mobile) at companies ranging from 3 to 30,000+ employees. I’ve also done a lot of freelance work over the years. I’ve been working remotely off and on for most of my career and exclusively so for the past decade and counting. Remote doesn’t mean disengaged. The most collaborative teams I’ve worked with have been 100% remote, including near-100% pairing environments.

I have a pretty broad background including an early stint as a musician and recording studio owner, and a theological masters degree.

I am a kind, growth-mindset, high-empathy servant-leader who cares deeply about nurturing happy, effective teams of leaders and frequently shipping high-impact, delightful, maintainable software that addresses the biggest pains and goals of users.

I believe that you get in proportion to what you give.

I write about programming (mostly ruby), teams, career, remote work, and entrepreneurship.

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